Social Inclusion In Europe Promo

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Why can’t we live together? .. this is a meaningful song. What makes inclusive education so complex and difficult? The Erasmus+ filmproject on Inclusive Education for young children shows 4 vivid portraits of successful initiatives, shot in Ljubljana, Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Name of the project: Social in Inclusion, Education and Urban Policy for Young Children

For a short impression of the project see this short PROMO

A film from Maarten van der Burg (directing & composing) and Kirsten Nøhr (script and research)

A Script Factory makes Images Move film.

Film Length: 07″08

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Social Inclusion in Ljubljana








Dir: Maarten van der Burg
Red: Kirsten Nøhr
Production: Script Factory 2019
Project: SF 226 Social Inclusion, Education and Urban Policy for Young Children

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