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Hunting Amor X Eve 4dec2020

By December 30, 2020 May 20th, 2021 No Comments

December 24th 2020 I presented as a special Christmas Eve Event the Fluid Poetry show HUNTING AMOR.

HUNTING AMOR is a Fluid Poetry street art projection by Maarten van der Burg, Fluid Poet, from HAARLEM with Anna L. Ink from WROCLAW, Shunsai Yonemura from KYOTO and Senju from STOCKHOLM.

Show started at at 2100 and lasted till after midnight. 775 on-line poetry lovers enjoyed the show

Her you see the playlist of the Fluid Poems:

1)        Hunting Amor, 10 Fluid poems                     5 min


2)        Fluid Poem: Swimming in Moonlight            5 min


3)         Fluid Poems: Traum Sonate                          3 min


5)         Fluid Poem: Akte van Verlatinge                   2 min


7)          Fluid Poem: Mourning Fado                          7 min


9)        Hunting Amor, 10 Fluid Poems                     5 min


Total Time                                                                28 min.