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Fluid Poetry …

… is modern alchemy of image, sound, music & passion. Fluid Poetry lives in the kingdom of the Digital Arts. Fluid Poetry prefers to be projected on Urban Screens such as city walls and factory buildings. To break free from existing contexts and to comment on them in new stories. The page is too limited an arena and too tight a straitjacket. Fluid Poet Maarten van der Burg is a filmmaker, teacher of Dutch and documentarian. He projects and works in Amsterdam & Haarlem. Fluid Poetry appears in Spanish and English in addition to Dutch. The Digital Haiku Album Hunting Amor originated from an international poetic collaboration with Wroclaw, Stockholm, and Kyoto. The Fluid Poetry shows consist of Digital Fluid Poems interspersed with exciting visuals. Maarten regards his Fluid Poems as visual essays on Melancholy

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SHOWS: Fluid Events So Far…

Monumenten Matinee,  VJ-Show voor de Vereeniging van Ondernemers in Haarlem. 10 september 2023


Dancers got Talent, The Olmenhorst Rave16 juli 2023


FLUID POETRY FEST, Inclusion & diversity in het klaslokaal. Hogeschool van Amsterdam, 26 mei 2023


Hemelbestorming, Projectie 5Hoek Kunstroute, met werk van 14 kunstenaars, 13 mei 2023


Memento Mori, Projectie Begraafpaats Huis te Vraag, Amsterdam, 19 maart 2023


Schermutselingen Projectie De Vereeniging, Haarlem 5 maart 2023


Geluksroute Projectie Vijfhuizen, 27 jan 2023


Fluid Borders Projectie op de azielzoekersboot in Velzen, 15 jan 2023


Image Summit Projectie op conferentie in New Metropolis met live stream 8 nov 2022

Angels & Demons, Urban Screen Projection Doelstraat 5-Hoek November 5, 2022


Perceptions III, Festive Event Amsterdam October 2, 2022, Kokopelli


Perceptions II, Show Spakenburg , Art route Grace Lunchroom. September 16 & 17, 2022


Perceptions I, Vernissage 5Hoek Haarlem. September 6, 2022


Tertulia Melancólico. In the Nieuwe Kerk on the 5Hoek Art Route. 14 and 15 May 2022


KNight Street Projection in the 5 Corner with DJ Boabab/ Dance, April 26, 2022


Fluid Poetry Talkshow. Television show Concerning Zuidoost Literacy, Amsterdam New Metropolis. April 11, 2022


HVA Poetry Festival. Floor Event with Urban Projection on the HVA buildings. March 22, 2022


KRRUIT!! VJ and DJ Show for the Kruitfabriek of the former Muidenchemie with DJ Boabab. 16 & 17 February 2022


Illuminated Insanity. Haarlem Art Line 21 11 Fluid Poems on the Doelstraat, 6 November 2021


Dancing Around Juuls Boom. Fluid Poems as a VJ show at the Statenbolwerk in Haarlem in close collaboration with DJ Boabab, dance. October 3, 2021


New Fluid Poems for the 5Hoek.  Street Projection Lange Anna street – corner of Doelstraat. September 18, 2021


Hunting Amor. Streaming Internet Show of the Street Projection in the 5hoek Show 10 haiku based Japanese poems. Involved artists: Anna L. Ink, Shunsai Yonemura, Senju and Maarten van der Burg with additional  Fluid Poems. December 24, 2020


Fluid Poetry for The 5hoek. Street Projection on an Urban Screen due to the Corona Lockdown. September 21, 2020


Gitane. 11 Fluid Poems Art Route Burgwal & Bakenes. April 19, 2020


Maarten van der Burg is Filmmaker, Fluid Poet, Romanticus and Creative Producer. In Perceptions he explores painted art, visual movements on film and sound design, just to create unique moments during art events. His art is a combination of evolutive patterns, ambient textures, voices, orchestral instruments, and astonishing narratives. His creative universe is poetic, erotic and soul searching.

Script Factory makes images move.
Maarten van der Burg

Credo Fluid Poetry