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Invite for the upcoming Cities in Motion Festival

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Show starts June 16th 17.00 CET. and will end around 20.00

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Credo Fluid Poetry

KNSF Vastgoed celebrated a memorable party with Fluid Poetry and (Silent) Disco, wreathed by laser projection in an abandoned warehouse of the former gunpowder factory Muiden Chemie. KNSF stands for the Royal Dutch Explosives Factory.

This festive evening was a project of Marcus Wieringa (KNSF) and Jurgen van der Ploeg (Faro architects).

357 De Krijgsman


Maarten van der Burg, Fluid Poet

VJ Duke, imagearies,

DJ Baobab, dance

Anton Laserist, illuminations

Enoch Vigics: cameras


Production: Script Factory makes Images Move!

And: Fluids on Het Staten Bolwerk in Haarlem Cente:

344 Fluid Poetry op Staten Bolwerk Haarlem




Enjoy Fluid Poems at:


Een highlight van de nieuwste films

Fluid Poetry in Haarlem

Visual Arts under a Full Moon.
12 Fluid Poems geprojecteerd op een witte muur.
A short impression from the street screening of 12 Fluid Poems.
31 oktober 2020.

Fluid Poetry: Maarten van der Burg

Hunting Amor Fluid Poetry

Dec 24th 2020 we presented as Street Art  HUNTING AMOR. Hunting Amor, 10 Fluid Poems by Anna L. Ink: Poetry & Voice, Sunshai Yonemura: Washigraphy, Senju: Shunga Artwork and Maarten van der Burg: Fluid Poetry & Film.
This work of art includes 4 cities, Wroclaw, Kyoto, Stockholm and Haarlem.

Social Inclusion 08:13

4 short fragments from the Filmproject Social Inclusion, Education and Urban Policy for Young Children.
You will see Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Berlin and Amsterdam in this short promo.

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