Social Inclusion in Copenhagen

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Why can’t we live together? .. that is a meaningful song. What makes inclusive education so compex and difficult. See this  vivid portrait on Inclusive Education in Copenhagen (description follows)



In our search for good practices of social inclusion we travelled to Copenhagen to see how pedagogues are creating learning environments and communities in their work with the children.
In this film we meet Mads Seitzberg, pedagogue and team coordinator at the child care institution Sølund and its rural kindergarten Vildroseholm, north of Copenhagen. We also meet Kathrine Vorting, pedagogue and team coordinator at the child care institution Stenurten and its rural kindergarten Tranemosen and Steffen Heinrich Lunau, pedagogue and colleague of Kathrine.
The three pedagogues tell about their core values and their approach to working with the children. The film only shows short parts of the interviews. To get a deeper understanding of the practice and the reasoning behind, you will have to watch/read the entire interviews with the three pedagogues.



A film from Maarten van der Burg (directing & composing) and Kirsten Nøhr (script and research)

A Script Factory makes Images Move film.

Film Length: 11:30

For a short impression of the complete project see this short PROMO